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MaNishtana Talks THE MIKVAH

“Black Jew is the new black” blogger MaNishtana, responds to my mikvah video with his own, a hysterical mix of mikvah 101, mostly G-rated line drawings, awkward moments, a shout-out to converts and so much more.

2 thoughts on “MaNishtana Talks THE MIKVAH

  1. My reaction to this was kind of like when I discovered that men's restrooms sometimes have long public trough-like urinals with no privacy at all: I'm glad I'm a woman and don't have to deal with that (although waiting in the usual much longer lines for the women's restrooms isn't fun either). The one mikveh I've ever used is only used privately, one person at a time with a mikveh lady who is very careful to maintain even the modesty of other women. I don't know how that mikveh works for men for non-conversionary immersions. Seems like there should be someone else (a male mikveh attendant?) for safety reasons so that someone could not slip, bump his head, and accidentally drown.


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