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Cool Jewish Events: Rabbi Chaim Drukman Speaking

Event: “The State of Conversions in Israel” with Rabbi Chaim Drukman

Date: Tuesday night, Dec. 1, 2009
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 3700 Henry Hudson Parkway, Bronx, NY

The International Rabbinic Fellowship, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Hebrew Institute of Riverdale are honored to welcome RABBI CHAIM DRUKMAN to spreak at HIR.

Rabbi Chaim Drukman is the head of Bnei Akiva and past Director of the Israeli State Conversion Authority and a leading open voice on conversions in Israel.

Yes, THAT Chaim Drukman from all the articles I’ve linked in the past years about the problems of conversion in Israel! THAT Chaim Drukman whose conversions were revoked! At my synagogue!

I just want to sit in a room with this guy with my mouth gaping like a goldfish and hear what he has to say. I will hang on his every word. And afterwards, well, he probably doesn’t give autographs? Rabbis aren’t rock stars no matter how famous or infamous they are but I do tend to run with rabbis that feel like rock stars sometimes. Of these rabbi “rock stars” or more likely ‘rebels’ as I’ve heard them called…well, I know that as a Jewish newbie, I am completely unable to fathom their status in the community, much less how their status affects my own. I only imagine that their actions, specifically these rabbis who work on conversions, will affect my children, my grandchildren and even my great-great-grandchildren.

Maybe he’ll give me his business card at least. Though I doubt that one evening will resolve the mystery of how in the world Rabbi Drukman become so famous (and infamous) in the conversion world.

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