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Racism with a Punch

In The NY Post story, “Prof busted in Columbia gal ‘punch'”, a black Columbia professor punches out a white female university employee while discussing white privilege.

Punching people doesn’t teach them anything about racism. It just makes you look racist. And violent. Duh. Unfortunately, the comments section on the story devolved into a bunch of racist diatribes about black men. You know because when one minority does something it reflects on everyone…sigh.

The only time I’ve ever actually wanted to punch someone white over racism was in college after enduring hours of nasty comments about Hispanics (I was referred to only as “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”) during one infamous evening in Brooklyn with “friends” of a supposed “friend.”
I didn’t punch anyone. It probably would have been labeled a hate crime because the people harassing me were Russian Jews. Maybe that area of Brooklyn was just rough. In the same neighborhood, an Italian former boyfriend was attacked by a group of white teenagers for being seen on a date in the area with an Asian young woman.
In other news, The New York Post is currently being sued by a Latina former editor, Sandra Guzman, after, she claims, she was fired for labeling as racist a cartoon that critics said likened President Barack Obama to a dead chimpanzee. Her other accusations include racism and pretty gross on-the-job sexism.

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