Barack Obama · hair · Hispanics/Latinos · homosexuality

Please don’t…

Thank you for being my friend. Here are some guidelines so that our friendship can be a pleasurable experience for all of us.

Please don’t make fun of gay people.

Please don’t make fun of black people’s hair.

Please don’t tell ask me why I don’t straighten my hair.

Please don’t make fun of Mexican people or how Hispanics pronounce English words.

Please don’t start conversations about how Obama is a socialist and then add that you think he’s a Muslim terrorist and that he was born in a different country.

Please don’t make comments about how my former public school students might have had HIV.

Please don’t make comments about how “those black people” are always “pulling the race card” and that Al Sharpton is their “crazy leader.”

Please don’t repeatedly refer to me as “sexy Latina” instead of my name.

Please don’t tell me when I point these things out too you that I’m “too sensitive.”

If you don’t understand why any of these statements or actions are inappropriate, please don’t ever speak to me again. It’s safer that way. For both of us.

10 thoughts on “Please don’t…

  1. I did the Miss Jessie's thing for a bit. It left my curls too flat and oily but they were definitely cute and defined. I prefer Ouidad, even though I might have to stop getting all the products because they're way expensive. Ouidad leaves my hair feeling weightless, soft and BIG.


  2. So I'll add some more-

    1) Please don't lecture me on how my efforts, at work, to assist needy visibile minority communities are flawed since “they are all lazy, corrupt, and too busy having babies to deserve government funding” while you support such subventions for WIC coupons for Kollel families, subsidized school buses for day schools, and special municipal trash pick ups before Pesah.

    2)Please don't call me a self hating Jew because my vision of Religious Zionism doesn't include building settlements in the occupied territories or facilitating a continued injustice against the Palestinians.


  3. In an email from Manishtana:

    perhaps you should try some turnabout is fair play. ask them if they think they're “obsessed” with the holocaust.ask them why/if they hate muslims/arabs. ask them if they feel comfortable if you said their yeshiva classmates probably had tay-sachs. refer to them as “cheap Jew” and when they get offended, explain that “sexy” Latina is just as much of a fetishizing stereotype.ask them why israel always plays the “jew card” in the un when they're a CLEARLY secular country. make fun of how ashki's mispronounce hebrew. [eloheyni?? ovini malkeyni??] put ur hand in their hair and ask them how they get it to be so flat and lifeless. or how it reminds you of the slick back of a wet otter. for bonus points, ask them why jews insists that jews didnt own any slaves in america. essentially, fight fire with gasoline.


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