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Sensory Overload

When it comes to the eight multiple intelligences, I rank pretty high on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills (imagine that?) and my verbal-linguistic and visual-spatial intelligences are pretty keen too (that explains the writing and the drawing ability). But I do pretty terribly on the musical intelligence. I’ve never been the person who can easily learn through music but despite this handicap, I loved the latest G-dcast. It rocked!

(Take note, Abe and Sarah are an interracial couple in this cartoon. Thank you, G-dcast for continuing to teach us Torah and that Jews come in all shapes and colors!)

“We love this week’s cartoon, a music video from the point of view of Sarah, as she sets out with Abraham to a land that God has promised to show him.

Written and performed by Biblegum rockers Stereo Sinai of Chicago, this is a really refreshing take on the classic story and just a great song, too!”

Parshat Lech Lecha from

More Torah cartoons at

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4 thoughts on “Sensory Overload

  1. I am in love with Stereo Sinai's music, it hits my electronica sweet spot – I wrote about them on my Jblog, Mitpachat, and got a really nice comment back. WOW! I was squeeful. That is my favorite G-dcast so far.

    We used to have to teach Emily through rhymes and songs when she was small, and I use songs for mnemonics to memorize stuff for my classes whenever I can (today I had to get up and sing the cranial nerves song in front of my whole lab, but I got extra credit so that's okay) but it's totally useless for my oldest as a learning tool. Multiple intelligence theory is great for education!


  2. I do learn much more easily thru music and visual representations. this was amazingly beautiful. thanks for sharing! for the umpteenth time i'm gonna share what you say/find with others. thanks Aliza!


  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Aliza! Sorry we didn't see this till now. We're really glad you dig our G-dcast and we're looking forward, as always, to more awesome posts and tweets from you…
    :)Miriam and Alan
    Stereo Sinai


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