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I like this joke

Seriously, I like this joke no matter how many times I hear it.

A Rabbi was known far and wide for his piety and faith. No matter what he put his faith in the Almighty.

One day the town he lived in was warned there would be a flood. He didn’t forbid his congregation from leaving. But he announced that he would trust in the Name.

After everyone had left the police drove by and said “The flood is going to be here soon. Let us give you a ride.”

He replied “I put my trust in the Master of the Universe, not men.”

The waters rose, and he was forced to climb up to the second story of his home. As he looked out the window a boat came by. The rescue workers said “Rabbi, you’ve really got to come with us. The waters aren’t anywhere near cresting.”

He replied “Hashem will save me.”

A few hours later he was perched on top of his chimney, and the flood was still rising. A National Guard helicopter came by. The Guardsmen sent down a ladder and said “Rabbi, if you don’t come with us you’ll drown! This is your last chance!”

He said “No matter what you do it’s in the Almighty’s hands. The Master will not abandon His servant.”

A few minutes later he drowned as his house was washed away.

The Rabbi awoke in front of the Heavenly Court and asked “What happened? I had faith. I trusted that You would save me.”

The Lord of Hosts said “Schmuck! I sent you a warning, a car, a boat and a helicopter.”

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