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With the debut of “Amreeka,” a film about Palestinian immigrants coming to America, Tablet Magazine asks “Is a film about Palestinians inherently political?” A good question.

But don’t people ask the same question movies about Israelis? (Just ask Jane Fonda and Danny Glover who are boycotting the Toronto Film Festival for spotlighting the work of Tel Aviv filmmakers. You know, between Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism and Danny Glover’s “anti-Israeli” sentiment, I think I’m going to have to boycott Lethal Weapon movies. Oooh, I know they’re scared of me now.)

It seems like every time I read a film review about Israel, I can’t get away from the politics but very few reviews for “Amreeka” have mentioned them. In fact, you’ll note no Jews reviewing the film have said they were going to boycott the film for being about Palestinians as Fonda, Glover and other actors have chosen to do over films by Israelis.

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