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Too Much Vampire, Too Little Time

Okay, it is possible that I have overdosed on vampire stories. Have you?

8 thoughts on “Too Much Vampire, Too Little Time

  1. Yes. I have gotten to the point of eyerolling every time I walk into a bookstore or see a tv promo for another vamp show. Though, I did think of one series you might enjoy. The Morganville Vampire stories, by Rachel Ward. It's a YA series, so, it does not contain all the, erhm, mushy bits that you'd find in Laurell Hamilton or True Blood. I think there are 5 or 6 in the series at this point, but they're short books and pretty well written. They don't romance the vamps up, and the protagonist is smart.


  2. That is nuts. I read Vampire Diaries years ago as a kid. When I first posted on Twilight I mentioned these books as useful in that they are like Twilight just not nearly as good, showing how easily things could have gone wrong for Twilight. Recently I saw VD in the book store. I figured someone was taking advantage of Twilight to do a reprint but making a movie is taking this a bit too far.


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