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Hebrew Mamita hits The Jerusalem Post

Vanessa Hidary, the Hebrew Mamita, is touring Israel and of course, she’s already been interviewed by The Jerusalem Post in a video where she talks about performing and the reactions she has received from Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike.

Below is a clip of Hidary telling us a story about a Jewish girl and her first boyfriend, a Dominican guy from Washington Heights. Putting aside the issue of intermarriage for a moment, the video gives you a funny taste of Dominican-American culture in Washington Heights right down to shopping for namebrand clothing in people’s apartments (no, seriously).

The second part of the performance takes an interesting turn focusing on everything from interracial dating to the Jew all Latinos everywhere love to watch on Saturdays.

Note: A language advisory on all the videos!

2 thoughts on “Hebrew Mamita hits The Jerusalem Post

  1. She's great and the bit about shopping in people's apartment hit home, very funny. Back where I grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens, it was called going to the Mecheros


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