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Jew+Country of Origin=Flavorful Jews

Speaking of Spanish and Caribbean Jewish mixes, here are some mixes my friend came up with…

Jewricuas (Puerto Rican Jews)
Jewricans (Costa Rican)
Jewlizians (Belize) are privileged because it sounds delicious!
Whew, in the end he said, “I cannot do it with Honduras. Maybe they are no Jews in Honduras.”
What other Jew-mixes have you heard of?

20 thoughts on “Jew+Country of Origin=Flavorful Jews

  1. None that you do not already have on your list. I could make up one:


    It doesn't sound nearly as cool as Jewricuas though.


  2. Jewdurian –> John Dorian ( = protagonist of TV show Scrubs) –> Check this out, starting at 2:25, the song, “For the Last Time, I'm Dominican”.

    (This is from Scrubs, season 6, episode 6, “My Musical”, an episode in which the plot is advanced solely by musical. The URL I gave is part three of the episode; see also part one and part two.)


  3. Maybe we can solve the Honduras conundrum if we play Hebrew and eliminate vowels:

    הונדוראס –> הנדרס

    Nuns are weak, so we drop the nun.


    Just put a yud there, and you have Yehudi in the name:


    Yehudras(i), Yehudrasim(ot)

    Anglicized, it'd be Judasri, and the plural would be Judasris.


  4. In Iraq, I knew a LtCol, who's wife was an Irish Catholic convert, and he joked about his family being McJews.

    I had a taecher in HS from a Jewish and Italian family, who joked about spaghetti and matzoh balls.


  5. I'm a Jewbraskan.

    Or, as coined on “Big Bang Theory” (the TV show), I'm a “Kosher Cornhusker.”

    I know it's not an ethnicity … it's definitely a different world. Love your mashups, tho 🙂


  6. Well, one of my clients had to do a piece of business. Could not give me a contact name, just “the Honduran.” I asked her please to get me a name for the record. She calls up. Lady answers. Client shouts into phone:


    So when people say OH YOU MUST BE THE DOMINICAN CONVERT, at least you can say, yes, yes, you have properly identified me.


  7. Mikewind Dale, I've featured that Scrubs song on my blog before and of course, it will make a comeback soon. Wait until I break from the stress of being told again and again that I'm “just a Jew, only a Jew, only being Jewish matters.” That's when you got to bust out with “I'm Dominican.” Maybe I'll make it “I'm Jewminican!”


  8. World Jewish Congress says 40 Jews in Honduras, but the other sites say 0. How about CatraJews (“Catracho” Jews), Jewtracho, o HonJewreno.

    other possibilities:
    ArJewntinos (Argentina)
    Jewleanos (Chile)
    El SalvaJewrenos (El Salvador)
    Jewruguayanos (Uruguay or Paraguay)
    Jewnamenos (Panama)
    Jewnezolanos (Venezuela)
    NicaraJewuenses (0-10 people, but Nicaraguans rock)


  9. Jewmaicans, HonJewrans, and ArJewntinos are fab 🙂

    I can't when I was growing up I thought my family was the only one with such a make up! Since my dad is Catholic and we grew up doing a bit o this and a bit o that we decided we were cashews, Catholic Jews. That doesn't blend as well as being Jewricuan, so I'm glad for the simplification.


  10. McJews! Classic.

    As an Irish Jew myself, I used to always say I was Jewrish, but I've recently grown fond of Irhudi/t (Iri/t + Yehudi/t).


  11. One of my partner's good friends is a Jewmaican.

    I have two friends who both have Jewish white mothers and non-Jewish black dads and they call themselves “Blewish” but I've also heard “Hebros”.


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