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Thanks but no thanks!

This comment from “Naomi” deserves its own post:

While walking to work from the subway, a gentleman with little green books said, “Would you like a copy of the New Testament?” Without pausing, I said “No thanks, I have the old one.”

Naomi is full of words of wisdom!

Even better: I have a Jewish coworker who has moved away from all observance (though his parents are observant and I think he still lives at home – he’s just graduated college). Because I was out the first two days and the last two days of Pesach, my Catholic coworker said, “Heck, we should all convert to Judaism!” (to get the days off, of course). My Jewish coworker agreed. I said to him “You don’t have to convert! It’s your religion!”

3 thoughts on “Thanks but no thanks!

  1. I liked the first one better. I can understand now why the guy became non-religious. There's too much animosity and baseless hatred in the Jewish community. Who needs that? We all want peace and love in our lives especially nowadays.


  2. The first one was cute, the second one was true.

    I've actually had a similiar experience in the military. We have a chaplain who is a minister and he came into my office the one day saying “Won't you come to bible study on sunday?” and I said back to him “Oh, thank you, sir, but I do my studying on friday nights.” He looked at me funny and then I tried to be cute, giggled and said “Sir, I'm jewish!” and he just chuckled and said “That's wonderful! Chaplain H is more of your man to go to, then?”

    Chaplain H is, obviously, a rabbi.


  3. FrumCurious> That is a good chaplain. He may look to encourage his program, but would look to help you with your religious needs. When leaving for Iraq, a Chaplain saw my kippah and told me about the resources available for a Jewish soldier.

    Anonymous> Religion is what you make of it. I usually blame humanity for what's wrong in a faith and give credit to the organization for what goes right, but mine is an old-fashioned position,and a bit unique for someone who is generally Libertarian.


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