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The Jewish Channel Features "Atypical Converts"

Check out the interviews with “From Ghetto to Ghetto: An African-American Journey to Judaism” author and African-American convert Ernest H. Adams and “Unlocked: The Life and Crimes of a Mafia Insider” author and convert Louis Ferrante

I just picked up Ferrante’s book and I’m hoping to read it soon. As for Ernest H. Adams, I’ve profiled him before for this blog, including a review of his book and an interview with the author. 
Now, I’m going to go check if we have The Jewish Channel here in Los Angeles. 

2 thoughts on “The Jewish Channel Features "Atypical Converts"

  1. What is the big chiddish? Do you know who Yitro was before and for that matter Ruth the Moabite.There are no atypical convert!!!


  2. I read Ferrante's Book- I was a little disappointed, it was a lot more about his life before/during prison then about how he actually felt drawn to Judiasm and the conversion process. A lot of robberies took place.


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