Idiot on Interracial Dating/Marriage

On the July 8, 2009 episode of the morning show “Fox and Friends,” co-anchor Brian Kilmeade lost his marbles when discussing a study on marriage and Alzheimer’s that was conducted in Sweden and Finland.

Mr. Kilmeade stated: “we [Americans] keep marrying other species and other ethnics . . . Swedes have pure genes . . . in America we marry everybody…”

Notice that Mr. Kilmeade doesn’t even stop talking when his cohosts try to cut into his crazy monologue with notably uncomfortable laughter. Mr. Kilmeade remained clueless.

Mr. Kilmeade is apparently the resident white supremacist on “Fox and Friends” and UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc., a multicultural coalition of national journalism organizations with an outreach to over 10,000 supporters, hereby calls for Fox News and its parent company, News Corporation, to:

* Issue an immediate apology for Mr. Kilmeade’s offensive comments
* Enter into a serious discussion on the program regarding intermarriage and the value of diversity in our society.

Do check out “”, a website devoted to mixed children who are the products of interracial unions.

6 thoughts on “Idiot on Interracial Dating/Marriage

  1. Is he saying the inbreeding staves off Alzheimers? Sweeden is distinctive in that it lacks America's diversity, though cradle to grave care only attracts immigrants seeking to freeload or half-ass it, as it is a land of guarantees and not opportunities.

    The only community that maintains “purity” are the Amish, with an enclosed reactionary society, very friendly, but also undoubtedly inbred, and teutonic like the Swedes


  2. checked out the mixed child website. excellent.
    btw, what does being a pure race and married differ from being of the same race and married? men and women are different species enough .what a racist.


  3. i just wanted to tell you that i read the article about you and your friend cynthia . it was very moving. its also an issue people who were born jewish never really realize converts have to address. thank you for bringing it to our attentions.


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