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Oy vey, shut ya mouth!

Chabad usually gets pretty good press. Almost every convert or formerly unaffiliated Jew I’ve spoken to thinks that Chabadniks are the most welcoming Orthodox Jews. Can one rabbi (Manis Friedman) destroy such a good rep? You decide.

Check out: “Popular Rabbi’s Comments on Treatment of Arabs Show a Different Side of Chabad

2 thoughts on “Oy vey, shut ya mouth!

  1. It's funny, I've heard him speak about this subject… not to such a public group either and he didn't sound nearly as controversial as the article… at the time what he said made sense.


  2. Rabbis, politicians and others with high-profile status are often always caught up in controversy due to comments they make, especially off-the-cuff musings and quippings. Does anyone remember when Hershel Schachter made the comment about women and kesubas?


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