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A Jewminicana Laments

Many guest posts this week! Check out my guest post over at MixedJewGirl World. In “A Jewminicana Laments”, I discuss the pain and incredible disappointment I experienced when I was rebuffed for explaining to white Jews that Benjamin Cardozo was not the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice.

7 thoughts on “A Jewminicana Laments

  1. I agree with your comments. I think the attitude you came across is a sorry condition of contemporary Jewish, especially Ashkenazic culture. It reads something like, “We are always the victim, the world revolves around us, and the world owes us.” Why can't we as Jews rejoice in the appointment of the President's new nominee to the Supreme Court, without any attached strings?


  2. Even if he had been Sephardic by way of Spain rather than Portugal, he still wouldn't really have been Hispanic. Even though it's not something I really paid much attention to when it was making the rounds (I have school and family to take care of, a mi que if a bunch of gringo Jews want to call a dead guy Hispanic!), it was extremely disrespectful and hurtful of them to say that you, una Latina, were wrong. I'm sorry they made you so upset. A lot of times people don't mean to hurt us, but that's exactly what they do.
    On a side note, I grew up in a community with a large Brazilian population. Although we never referred to them as Hispanic, we did include them under Latinos. I guess it's a regional thing. They were part of the community, part of our people. Many spoke our language, we shared common foods, a common experience, a similar culture. I really hate labelling people, but one thing is certain:
    Cardozo que si no era hispano!


  3. Are Jews really white people? Really?

    My grandfather is Ashkenazi, and has always had very dark olive skin, black black hair, and strikingly Middle Eastern facial features. NO ONE ever mistook him for a white person.

    Despite intermarriage and my grandfather not seeing us since 1989, when I was 7, I look VERY similar to him (albeit I am way paler from decades of little contact with the Sun). No one ever mistook me for white either; in grade school I stuck out like a sore thumb.


  4. Given all the hate Jews have born over the millennia, it's particularly sick and twisted to see them being racist. And too maybe times I've overheard comments about Palestinian “animals” or “those shvartzers.” Sick sick sick!!


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