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Happy Shavuot!

Now, it’s time to go turn into a pumpkin. At least, that’s the funny phrase my sisters came up with for what happens when I cut away from the world (no phones, no Internet, nothing but Torah)! for a Jewish holiday or for Shabbat

It’s rainy, I haven’t had enough exercise and my whole body is aching so I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am to celebrate another Shavuot! 
Tonight, it will be me, some pain pills and the Book of Ruth. And thanks to high cholesterol and lactose intolerance, I won’t be partaking of the requisite holiday cheesecake but I will be up most of the night reading up on why Jews overdose on dairy products this time every year. 
Since all the blog posts are already up for the rest of the week (sorry for all the confusion!), I won’t see you until next week. Make sure to scroll over this week’s blog to make sure I have interspersed any new posts you might have overlooked. 

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