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Bless you!

Fellow Latina Jewish artist Maya Escobar, who has been featured on this blog before, recognized her own when she decided to feature Vanessa Hidary, the Hebrew Mamita, on her own blog.

The YouTube video below is the Jewess’s riff on “Ga Bless You Ma.” For those of you innocents, this is a common enough phrase slung at female passerby by tigueritos hanging out on the street corners of Washington Heights and other New York City ‘hoods. And just in case you think I can’t spell, there’s nothing religious about the phrase…at least not when you say it like that.

You might want to prepare for the video by rereading my earlier blog posts, “Hispanic Woman Walking” and “My Mother Wore Tight Pants”.

To check out some of Guatamelan Jewess Maya Escobar doing performance art, watch a compilation mix below. It’s a mixture of different gutsy pieces that have a heck of a lot to say about Latinas, Jewesses and all womankind in today’s society.

4 thoughts on “Bless you!

  1. Eliza – watching that wonderful reading made me wonder, do you ever miss tenured freedom to be an untziunis type of Jew? Speaking as that type, while I often like the comfort of wearing a big old skirt and a long-sleeves shirt, sometimes a tank and tight jeans feel just right and I would resent the imposition of a dress code on who I am.


  2. Esther, I am blessed with extraordinary sweatglands so I don’t miss wearing tank tops and I definitely don’t miss wearing jeans. Skirts are must gentler on my ever expanding pear-shaped bod. As for tank tops, I can recall the time I wear a bandanna as a shirt and tied it in the back with one tiny string. I just look back and laugh.


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