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Bagels and Locks…and Jewminicana pride!

If you’re not a regular subscriber to Latina magazine then you’re missing out!

You probably haven’t seen my full page spread in the May 2009 issue for which Michelle Rodriguez graces the cover. You’ll find my piece, “Bagels and Locks” (get it?) on page 76. It is the first piece in Latina‘s Love Your Body 2009 section. Need a copy? Pick up it at your local Barnes & Nobles if you can’t find it on local newsstands.

See, even Latina magazine believes in my Jewminicanness.

One thought on “Bagels and Locks…and Jewminicana pride!

  1. I’m not Latina but I subscribe to Latina magazine. I loved the article you wrote.

    I however still straighten my hair because it’s easier for me. I refuse to relax it to the point where there’s no body left, LOL!


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