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Miracles, miracles, everywhere…

According to a post on Vivir Latino, a blog I just discovered, “a study released by the America Association of Retired People (AARP), at least 82% of Latinos 45 and older do.” The post says, “[The study] sort of plays to the stereotype of Latino’s faith as being more “folky” and less real and respectable.”

I didn’t read the study but I doubt they went into any kind of depth about what people meant by miracles. I think it’s a miracle when I don’t feel any pain for a couple of minutes–it’s a massive miracle when that lasts for a couple hours. I wrote in a previous post that as a child I believed my sisters were miracles (still do) and that my Barbie dolls were miracles (teehee).

Are these kinds of miracles considered “folky”? There’s a word I never thought would describe me. And on a different note, I find it fascinating that I spent most of my life having this secret relationship with G-d that I never talked about and now I’m writing about it all the time. Have I gone all fundamentalist? Should I be worried?

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