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Sorry I missed it

Check out one Spanish blogger’s interesting take on Bush ducking “zapatos” (Spanish for shoes).
Then in case you missed the real thing, check out the clip on the BBC website. I was never a big fan of George but I thought he handled ducking shoes really well at the press conference.
Talk about a culture clash.

2 thoughts on “Sorry I missed it

  1. Yeah, I posted a looping gif of it on my other blog…I am not a fan of Bush in the least. But come on now; where was the Secret Service? What if it wasn’t shoes…what if it was a knife? And did you see when the second shoe was thrown? That guy standing next to him made a half-sorry attempt to catch the shoe. It’s like, “geez” (eyes rolling and everything). What a way for a president of the United States to go out! 😦


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