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Oy vey, the gossip

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan

Rumors abound in “Lindsay Lohan Converting to Judaism for Sam Ronson”. Don’t worry if you have no idea who either of these people are!

5 thoughts on “Oy vey, the gossip

  1. Once again we see an example of conversion for the sake of a Jewish partner. If this is the only way the Jewish community encounters converts, it’s not hard to understand their skeptism. However it certainly makes it difficult for those of us who are just looking to reconnect our Jewish souls with our people.


  2. I disagree. What often looks like it is for the sake of marriage is often times more complex. Sometimes the non-Jewish partner specifically sought out a Jewish partner because of their Jewisness. Sometimes the non-Jewish partner honestly grows to love Judaism on their own and brings the Jewish partner along for the ride. We cannot and should not discount what these types of converts bring to the fold.


  3. Future Rabanit Hausman-Rav Ben Zion Uziel, Israel’s first Chief Sephardic Rabbi, would have agreed with you on this 100%. We would be in a better place today if his drash on Gerut had become the paradigm in Torah Judaism.Shabbat Shalom!


  4. Aliza, you bring up a very excellent point. While I don’t want to discredit these converts, I think their desire to convert can be tangled up in their feelings for their partner. How can one be certain that if their partner wasn’t there that their desire to convert would still exisit?


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