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Obama’s Cousin-in-law talks Judaism

Rabbi Capers Funnye

Michelle Obama’s cousin, Rabbi Capers Funnye was profiled by the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles in a piece called “Obama’s cousin-in-law Rabbi Capers Funnye battles to open the gates of Judaism”. Funnye himself has had several conversions to Judaism and he speaks of schooling prospective converts to Judaism on the faith.

“I often like to tell new people that when you start studying Judaism, every time you get a new book, every time you learn something new, it should feel like dipping a spoon into a bucket of fresh well water. If you ever had well water, it stimulates the whole being — this is what Judaism does when we learn. It stimulates the being,” Funnye said. “It’s never stopped doing that for me. The more I learn, the richer it tastes; the better it tastes.”

One thought on “Obama’s Cousin-in-law talks Judaism

  1. I know Rabbi Funnye. Two decades ago, when he was just starting his Bait Knesset, we worked in the same Jewish Federation building on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.


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