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Wrapping up

Hello, little blog, I have clawed my way through hours of writing for my book, for homework (for my online classes at Gotham Writer’s Workshop) and in response to emails from readers and I have found my way back to you.

My trip to Los Angeles is almost over. I’m multitasking by packing and writing. I am afraid that I’m in for a bit of a culture shock when I get back to New York. I (and my fibromyalgia) will miss the lovely Los Angeles weather and the delicious lack of humidity. And then there’s the little things I’ll miss! The ease of getting around by chauffeur/husband. The late night jaunts to Barnes & Nobles to pick up the next in the series of my newest addiction, the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer. The Judaism classes at Aish. The incredibly cheap writing and art classes at Santa Monica College. And of course, all the people I met in-between. This is officially the first trip to Los Angeles that I haven’t hated. And did I mention all the space in my two-bedroom, two-bathroom duplex? I won’t welcome the claustrophobia of my New York apartment.

Meanwhile, the news alerts from The New York Times keep on coming in. The latest specifically tailored to my multicultural identity included an article where Rabbis Debate Kosher Ethics at Meat Plant and another article where Latin Music, Intimate and Grand, Holds Court.

P.S. My little sister has promised to leave the latest of the Stephanie Meyer series in my bed so I can read it first thing after my flight from Los Angeles and nobody better tell me whether Bella goes for the vampire or the werewolf!

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up

  1. Well Aliza I cited your blog today as a resource for diversity. My son Daniel returned to school and came home this afternoon with a questionare from his new 2nd grade teacher. I mentioned that his school needs to do more to accommodate diversity, and specifically children like him who are both Jewish and visible minorities and that your blog can be an excellent source of information in this area!


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