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Better to Be Fat and Fit Than Skinny and Unfit

I like to tell myself that I’m the healthiest sick person I know. Thanks to a pain management program that demands 30-minutes of daily heart stimulating exercise, I get more exercise than most of my much skinner friends. Despite this, according to my BMI (calculated online), I’m overweight for my height. And I’m not getting any taller.

In spite of my BMI, unlike most people I know, I’m not exercising to fight the battle of the bulge (though that’d be nice, too), I’m fighting the

battle of the popping of painkillers. So, at least, I’m not “skinny fat,” a term I grabbed from a recent article in one of my women’s magazines which argued that too many people are “skinny fat,” meaning pretty physically unhealthy despite being physically thin. Now, a NY Times article tries to argue that it’s Better to Be Fat and Fit Than Skinny and Unfit.

Photo Credit: Stuart Bradford.

One thought on “Better to Be Fat and Fit Than Skinny and Unfit

  1. Interesting, I have fibro too, and I hover on the edge of “underweight” because I have so many nausea issues. But my body fat percentage is near “obese” because I have so little muscle tone. I am thin, but I am by no means healthy.


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