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Jesus Christ Superstar

Stuff like this only happens to me, right?

Hubbie and I just got back from the LimmudLA conference (“celebrating the kaleidoscope of Jewish life”) in Costa Mesa, CA. We had an awesome time (will post about it later).

Meanwhile, when we got off the plane at 1am in the morning, a Spanish-speaking cleaning lady at the airport approached me to discuss religion while I waited for hubbie to get out of the bathroom.

“Are you Jewish?”
“Yes. Why?”
“Well, let me ask you, because you speak Spanish….”
“Yes, what?”
“Is it true that your people are still waiting for the Messiah?”
“Well, he already came. His name is Jesus Cristo! Don’t you think he was the Messiah?”
“Then what was he?”
“Some Jewish guy.”
“Well, then you’re expecting the Messiah to be born to your people?”
“No, well, I guess, he could be born to anyone. But we’re still waiting.”

Honestly, now.

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