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He’s sending me a contract

I guess I survived the interview process if he’s sending me a contract. Hubbie thinks the publisher is underestimating my writing ability, I think Hubbie is overestimating.

Now, a case of nerves. I am exhausted. Jetlagged from flying to Berkeley and back for an extended weekend, exhausted from one too many fibromyalgia flare-ups, underexercised and overworked…and I’m supposed to write a book?

Possible titles:

American. Dominican. Jewish.

Becoming Jewish in a Multicultural World


So, I married a Rabbi (snicker)

To Be a Jew (lame)

Dominican? American? Jewish.

Becoming & Being Jewish

Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish

Dominican to Jewish and Back Again

A Nice (Dominican.American.Catholic.Orphan.Runaway) Jewish Girl

Runaway Jew

Once Upon a Time I was Catholic

So, I’m Jewish, now what?

Giving up Christmas & Other Tales from Becoming a Jew


Not-so-Accidentally Jewish

By special request: Jewminican, I prefer Jewminicana

Your guess is as good as mine. No, that’s not a title, silly.

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