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What I learned in Israel…

Reminiscing briefly about my time in Israel during the conversion process….

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Still laughing

Yup, still laughing after spotting this sign before exiting a bridge in New York City on Memorial Day. Seriously, there’s no place like New York. How will I ever get over it?

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World Rebbetzin

Next year will be my last in New York. Gulp. Scary. I am one of those New Yorkers who thinks the entire world revolves around New York City. I have spent my whole life here. The farthest I have gotten is those two years I lived in Brooklyn. And now, these two years in the… Continue reading World Rebbetzin

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World Traveler

I was really nervous about spending a week with my in-laws in Italy. They’re great but we operate on alternative universes. My in-laws are fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants whereas I am plan, plan and plan some more. How was I going to relinquish control enough to do things their way without totally losing my marbles from the chaos… Continue reading World Traveler