Is anyone else watching Fuller House in the middle of the night while trying to figure out how to blog. I don’t think I remember how to DO THIS THING.

While I was pregnant, I was FINALLY diagnosed PROPERLY (being properly diagnosed has been like a trend with me the last few years) with a sleep disorder, delayed sleep phase, so I get up around 11am and I go to bed around 3am.

Now, I have all these hours of the day after bedtime to myself but not sure what to do with them now. Everything feels different now that I have a baby. I always feel like I should be doing something even when I’m just trying to relax. Is it just me?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to juggle swim lessons, art classes and various Mommy & Me classes during the week. I think it’s possible that I’m juggling a little too much. Or too little. Can’t decide.

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