Where I Come From (Part 2)-NONSPECIFIC

23andMe’s Speculative Estimate made things a bit more interesting.

The largest changes were in my European descent.

I was 58.2% European:
          46% Southern European:
                   20.6% Iberian
                   9.3% Italian
Plus that same pinch of Sardianian (0.1%) and an enormous 16% NONSPECIFIC.

           5.9% Northern European:
Still 0.4% British and Irish, 0.1% Scanda-what? and 5.4% NONSPECIFIC

6.4% NONSPECIFIC European (I mean, what’s left of Europe, people?)

31.8% Sub-Saharan African

7.4% East Asian & Native American
5.9$ Native American
0.2% East Asian
1.3% Who knows?

They stuck to the 0.8% Moroccan and 1.8% Unassigned, which I’ve been calling ALIEN ME.

The Conservative Estimate is what I call the fun sucker as in it sucked away most all my lovely ethnicities:

A puny 46.6% European that included ONLY 5% Iberian, that tiny bit Sardinian and a whole lot of Nonspecific Souther European. They just got rid of Britain and Ireland and Scandinavia altogether and decided I was .1% Nonspecific Northern European. And even more fun 30.1% NONSPECIFIC European over all? Well, that was ::yawn:: helpful.

My African heritage felt seriously compromised at 26.8% and suddenly I was only 3% Native American (tears) and 1.4% Nonspecific. No more East Asia. What happened?!

As for North African, I got a puny .1% and overall, 22.2% of me was unassigned aka ALIEN.

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