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African-American Converts Beaten by Israeli Police

Please read: “Interior Ministry’s Oz police unit accused of beating U.S. immigrants” (The Jerusalem Post)

By the way, I thought that last quote says it all.

“We have so much love for Israel. But it seems like Israel does not love us back.”

I have long ago lost patience with the Jews, white or of color, who refuse to see the pain so many converts and/or Jews of color suffer at the hands of other Jews because they have had the luxury not to suffer the same experiences.

I have no patience for the letters from fans who promise that “everything is better in Israel” when the news, and the very next fan letter, tell me differently. “But non-Jews are racist, too!” is no excuse.

So many times as a convert, as a Jew of color, I have felt a great love for Israel–the people and the state–but it feels like Israel does not love me back.

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