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Why is there a dating website for Jews of color by Jews of color?

Why is there a dating website for Jews of color by Jews of color?

Isn’t that “racist”?

My good friend Shais Rison aka blogger MaNishtana writes a rousing response to the flood of emails he’s received asking this particular question about his recent decision to start JOCFlock, a dating website for Jews of color and by Jews of color open to any Jew open to dating interracially and across racial and ethnic lines.
Yes, anyone can join but those looking for an “exotic escapade” or “cultural curiosity” should probably use their frequent flyer miles to…visit a foreign country instead of treating a human being like a exotic fantasy pleasure cruise. When I spoke at Brooklyn College about the issues Jews of color face in the world of Jewish dating, I made a joke like the one below that got the point across pretty quickly and got many laughs.
“Okay, I don’t know how it happened but somewhere along the way, for some reason, some Jewish white guys got the impression that dating me would be better and a lot cheaper than booking a plane ticket to the Santo Domingo and sipping some piña colada at the hotel swim bar.
Seriously, who knew…that dating me is like sinking your toes in a white sand beach and swimming into the warm Caribbean sea only without the danger of a sunburn. (Obviously, they haven’t met my temper.) And oh, who cares if they had absolutely no intention of ever introducing me to their Ima because it would giveheraheartattack if her son came home with a BLACK GIRL?! Nevermind that I’m mixed, not black. Whatever, they’re all the same!”

Please read: “Gotta Catch Em All!”

As you’ll note, while I am posting sporadically, I am not “back.” Sorry. Actually trying to commit to last new year’s resolution to focus on my health even though it took some serious health problems to get me to do so just in time for this year’s Rosh Hashanah. Thank you for your continuously wonderful fan letters and all your support.

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