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Redefining Rebbetzin says: "Save Conversion and Jewry as we know it"

My hands (and heart) hurt too much to go into great detail over this latest conversion debacle which is why I haven’t blogged about it though I have mentioned it on my fan page. Lucky for me “Redefining Rebbetzin” put together a great blog about it.

If you’ve been living under a nice little rock (I need to get one) then you may have missed the news on the infuriating, horrifying, enraging, despicable (should I saw more?) Knesset conversion bill.
People who think this bill will only affect those “foreign workers” in Israel who are “converting for less than sincere purposes” are wearing blinders. It will affect all converts and their families and the entire Jewish people.


“Why nobody’s happy with conversion bill”

“Stop this knesset bill from hurting converts”

A Must Read: “What’s Wrong With Israel’s Proposed Conversion Bill” by Rabbi Seth Farber (Jewish Week-NY)

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