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2010 Be’chol Lashon Media Awards/For Excellence in Reporting on Global Judaism

2010 Be’chol Lashon Media Awards

For Excellence in Reporting on Global Judaism

Write about Jews Around the World – Win $1,000

Deadline: February 26, 2010
(NEW! Nominate your favorite article from the past year. Prizes include a Be’chol Lashon T-shirt or keychain flashlight. Now, you best me nominating your favorite pieces from this blog!!!)

Call for Entries

Established in 2008, the Be’chol Lashon Media Awards honor excellence in coverage of the ethnic and racial diversity of world Jewry. Subjects may include profiles of individuals or groups or reports on Jewish communities of color (African/African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American/Indigenous). Work will be evaluated on originality, depth, sensitivity, accuracy of reporting and impact. Particular emphasis on creativity will be placed on entries in the new media category. Judges may reassign entry categories or refrain from making awards in any category.


Print Media: Newspapers and magazines, including general circulation and ethnic press, of any circulation size. $1,000

Broadcast: Local and network television and radio. $1000

Film: Nonfiction general release/independent film. Please no film trailers. $1,000.

New Media: Web sites, blogs, podcasts, and online multimedia. $1,000
Entry Requirements

One entry per person. No entry fee.

Open to staff or freelance reporters; editors; producers for newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and film; individuals and teams.

All entrants certify that work submitted is as it appeared on its original date of publication/airing.

Deadline: February 26, 2010. Postmark accepted.


Please use the entry form to submit your work for consideration.

Broadcast, film and new media entrants may, if they choose, submit their work on DVD or audio CDs and mail them to:

Be’chol Lashon Media Awards
PO Box 591107
San Francisco CA 94159-1107

For more information, email or call 415.386.7900.

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