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Event: Yisrael Campbell’s "Circumcise Me" with talkback with Sandra Bernhard

Don’t miss “Circumcise Me” while it’s off-Broadway until May 16, 2010! It’s the must-see Jewish event of the year! It was so good I’m seeing it again and again and again…and bringing my friends and family!

Event: “Circumcise Me” starring comedian Yisrael Campbell with comedian/actress Sandra Bernhard talkback following 3pm performance
Time: 3pm
Place: Bleecker Street Theatre, 45 Bleecker Street, New York City 10012

He is just your average Irish, Italian, Catholic kid from Philly, Comic Actor, Sober Alcoholic, Recovering Drug Addict, Husband, Father, Reform, Conservative, Unorthodox, Orthodox Jew.
His name is Yisrael Campbell, (the artist formerly known as Christopher), and this is his story – a spiritual journey stretching across four decades, two continents, and three circumcisions. It’s that rare collision of comedy and theater that will have women howling with laughter, men squirming in their seats, and everyone standing up to cheer.
Poignant, provocative, and powerfully witty, Circumcise Me is the true – and truly unforgettable – story of a man who was born to be funny. The Jewish part came later.
Sandra Bernhard will join Yisrael Campbell for a talkback following the 3:00pm performance of CIRCUMCISE ME this Wednesday, February 3rd. (Please join us for the performance and talkback and SAVE 45%! ALL SEATS $36*)

“Yisrael Campbell is the FUNNIEST Roman Catholic Orthodox Jewish comedian in the world. HURRY AND SEE HIM before he becomes a Buddhist!”
-Stephen Colbert

“PLENTY OF LAUGHS. Mr. Campbell’s genial and polished recounting is a tale well told.”
-New York Times

“MAZEL TOV! Pitch-perfect blend of genuine sentiment and hilarious one-liners. DEEPLY MOVING.”
-New York Post

“… an EXTRAORDINARY spiritual, creative and occasionally absurd journey…”
-Jerusalem Post

“LENNY BRUCE never had sex with an Orthodox Jew, but if he had he would have produced Yisrael Campbell.”
-The Guardian

“… a blessing both to the Jewish people and to humanity.”
-BBC News

“LEMME GIVE YOU A TIP-this show definitely makes the cut!!!”
-Judy Gold, Emmy Award Winning Comedian

“Yisrael Campbell is a combination of Seinfeld and Costanza with a beard and a wonderful story. Run to see this show-but don’t trip over your tallis.”
-Rabbi Charles Klein, President of the NY Board of Rabbis and author of “How to Forgive When You Can’t Forget.”

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3 Easy Ways to Order Tickets:

PHONE: 212-947-8844 and mention the

ONLINE: and enter the Code:


IN PERSON: Print this email and bring to the Bleecker Street

Theatre at 45 Bleecker Street (Just East of Lafayette St.) or Mention the Code: CMFFAMILY Box

Office Hours: Monday through Sunday: Noon to 8:00pm.

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