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Sweet Sixteen and This Convert Wanted to Be a Rabbi

Watch video above.

The story of Aliza Bulow is pretty inspiring. At just 10, she knew she didn’t want to be Christian and by 16, she had moved to Israel with the intention to convert and become a rabbi. Finding out that as an Orthodox Jew, she couldn’t become a rabbi, she was undaunted. Though a rabbi stressed that as a convert without generations of Torah knowledge, Aliza was at a great disadvantage, that didn’t stop her. Over 30 years later, she teaches Torah and counsels other rabbi’s wives.


“Harry’s Magic” by Aliza Bulow

Quote: As I tucked him into bed he said, “Why did you have to convert?! I feel like I’m in prison. You should have waited until the children were born so we could all choose for ourselves!”

Quote: On the tape, Rabbi Mordechai Becher was comparing the world of Harry Potter to that of the Jews. He explained that just as Harry lived in a parallel dimension in this world, so do the Jews.

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