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Sexy Latinas and the Rise of the Hot Jewish Girl

Recently I explained to someone that I was upset because someone referred to me as “sexy Latina! Sexy Latina! Sexy Latina!” as if they were talking to a small child or one of those dogs that fits in your purse. I felt like a rattle or dog bone was being shaken and shoved in my face at the time. This wasn’t the first time I’d been subject to stereotypes about Latinas. At one dentist appointment, my Jewish doctor noted that I was going to be a “really hot Dominican Jewish Rebbetzin (rabbi’s wife).” I smiled back rather painfully at the comment. If you don’t understand why this was inappropriate, stop reading the post and go read something else (preferably about women’s issues or feminism or why even positive stereotypes are a problem in general).

When I’ve complained about being objectified as a “sexy Latina” stereotype, inevitably, a white Ashkenazi Jewish girlfriend has remarked that she wishes she was thought of as a “sexy Jewish girl” and objectified in the same way. I explained that this was probably because Jewish girls are all too often thought of as high-maintenance, loud, grating, ballsy and big-nosed and every thing but sexy. Rarely do you hear Jewish girls being referred to as sex kittens in the way us “fiery” and “lusty” Latinas often are. Seriously, what is wrong with the world, what has happened to feminism, when Jewish women have to start praying they’ll be objectified and taken less seriously than they already are? Eek!

I literally get sick every time I read yet another article by a Jewish man explaining why he doesn’t date Jewish women. A long list of stereotypes usually ensues that only clarifies how scarred said Jewish male is over his relationship with his mother or his sister or some Jewish woman that done him wrong. The fact that Jewish women, like Latina women, come in all shapes, sizes, colors, cultural backgrounds and personality types is apparently lost on these men. Yes, even Jewish men can be self-loathing anti-Semites when it comes to their ideas about Jewish women.

A few Jewish men continue to long for that forbidden “shiksa” (HATE THAT WORD!) and as I’ve mentioned before places like Shalom Shirts even immortalize the trend with shirts that read “Shiksas are for Practice.” Since I was once “used” for target practice, I can tell you I wanted to punch someone over that shirt. I know a great deal of female converts (and even born “exotic-looking” Jewesses), white, black, Asian and otherwise, who would punch someone over this shirt, too. Or, more likely, burst into tears.
I get too many letters from Jews of color telling me horror stories of Jewish men who would date them, use them, abuse them and then rather unkindly inform them that they could, “of course,” never marry them because it would kill their Jewish mothers. (A male friend related to me in front of my husband that if he had brought me home, his family would have keeled over and died. Thanks buddy, now get your freakin’ fat foot out of your mouth. Some thoughts aren’t meant to be said aloud!)
I think it’s sad that (Orthodox) rabbis (seriously, I can’t make this stuff up) have to warn women in the conversion process who aren’t white (or who even are white but “exotic” blondes!) that they might be taken advantaged by Jewish men in this way. I know a Jewish father who worried about sending his little Latina to Jewish schools because of the same issue.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of news on “the rise of the hot Jewish girl” so it seems that some of my Jewish girlfriends have got their wish. In the same vein that non-Jewish women are signing up for JDate because “Jewish men make good husbands,” now Jewish women are being touted as exotic fantasies akin to the kind Latinas were thought to provide.
At a talk on racism at Brooklyn College, I said that some Jewish men thought that dating me was like taking an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation with white sand beaches, endless blue ocean and piña colada to boot. I’m sorry, that’s not a compliment. It’s racist. I’m not a fetish, I’m a person and ya better recognize.

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4 thoughts on “Sexy Latinas and the Rise of the Hot Jewish Girl

  1. 😡 I cannot believe that people think it's okay to say these things. As if Latinas weren't misrepresented and downright slandered in the media enough, people have the chutzpah to put these stereotypes into action in their daily life. Shame on them, and I am truly sorry that you have to hear this stuff. Stereotypes are truly ugly things.


  2. ok…when I was young, teen I grew up in a very closed social group, we were almost all Catholic, mostly Italian, then Irish then polish….the most exotic thing was a white protestant.

    The stereotype of Jewish Girls, which I beleive no one truly knew first hand, was that they were “easy”……

    perceptions, stereotypes and all that ugly stuff abounds….

    how we fight it is VERY inportant!


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