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Just When You Thought You Were The Only Jew…

Christmas time is hard when you’re a Jew, especially when you’re the only Jew lost in a sea of Christmas carols, Christmas trees and Christmas movies. So how did comedian and writer Ophira Eisenberg deal with Christmas in Calgary? Stay tuned for the funny punchline where Santa “comes out.”

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One thought on “Just When You Thought You Were The Only Jew…

  1. Unbelievable! What a punchline, what delivery! I thought I was totally listening to a “woman on hte street”vignette, which held my attention because of her earnest delivery, then…BANG Iwon't reprint the punch line, so that anyone who reads your comments won't have it spoiled! BTW, I am the parent of two Jewtemalans, one of whom is pureblood Mayan. Ruerza, chica!


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