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Latinas are the eighth wonder of the world?

“Latinas are the eighth wonder of the world?” Que? Que? This statement brings a whole new meaning to the sexy Latina stereotype.

Just how many stereotypes about Latinas can you count in “From Salsa to the Chuppah: Some Southland Israeli men look To Latinas as the perfect partner”?

Latinas, according to one Israeli man married to one, are “so nice, so calm, respectful.”

No one who has ever met me would describe me as “calm.” I definitely don’t come from a family of “calm” Latinas.
“They love to have fun a lot.”

Pretty bland. You could say this about a lot of people, not just SOME Latinas. Personally, I don’t like fun at all!!!! Bah-humbug this thing called fun! Eye roll.

What do Israelis and Latinas have in common? “We’re very much like an open book. What you see is what you get.”

Oh. Okay, actually I commented once that what some American friends called Israeli rudeness seemed very similar to Latina-American bluntness. But trust me, my other Latina family members are anything but an “open book.” And I’m sure there are Israelis who aren’t rude or open…right? Raise your hands!

“The men interviewed describe their [Latina] wives catering — without any complaints — to their needs and desires for a good meal.”

SIGH. Don’t tell my husband he got the raw deal on Latina wives. In my house, it’s the Jewish husband serving up a good meal.

“However, Sonia says she still feels like an outsider among Yoav’s Israeli friends, especially the women. She says there’s a sense among Israeli women that Latinas are stealing their men.”

Damn, now that’s a new one!
Sonia adds: “Now that he’s been able to be completely open to me to tell me that it’s important to him, I understand that and I don’t mind raising Jewish children.”

Don’t mind? Oy. Lady, don’t sound so excited all at once!

Okay, now I have to go count up all the Israeli stereotypes. This article gave me just a slight headache. But what the article is trying to discuss is an issue in the American Jewish community and I guess, the Israeli Jewish community. Though I don’t have any statistics on hand (the article does), there do seem, at least to me, to be a lot of Israeli men in America intermarrying with non-Jewish women and in some cases, Latinas who are ready and willing to convert and make Jewtino babies. And what do I think of this? Well, Jewish babies, whether slightly Latino or not, rock!

2 thoughts on “Latinas are the eighth wonder of the world?

  1. I remember my college Spanish teacher was a long legged skinny blonde. A native of Argentina, she would fit in better at an Aryan Nation meeting than a Puerto Rico parade.

    Nevertheless, she refered to herself as “latina”. In her mind, anyone from the Western Hemisphere, south of Sonora (Mexico), was from “Latino America” and was therefore a “Latino/a”

    It through me for a loop. I suppose these kinds of definition vary by country, or even by region.

    In any case, I've never understood the desire to marry a certain race. Yes, I think that Jews should marry other Jews – but anyone of any racial/ethnic background can choose to become a Jew.

    Hate to burst any readers' bubbles, but from everything we know about Midian, Moses married a black woman.

    I couldn't care less. I care that others DO care.


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