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An anecdote for you, he says

A story from my friend Juan Mejia, who works tirelessly on behalf of other anusim:

A rabbi friend is taking a cruise off the coast of South Africa with his wife.

On board he meets two Colombian Jews.

He has the article of the Jerusalem Report (“Out of Fear/Bnai Anousim Report to Judaism”) with him so he shows them. (The article is a remarkable piece on the obstacles facing anusim as they try to reintegrate themselves into the Jewish community.)

They say, with the South African coast in sight, “Why the hell would I want those shvartzes in my shul?”

Was Juan surprised to hear this story? No. After all, he’d been called an s-word himself in Columbia more than once or twice.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking…but Juan’s not black, he’s Columbian! But you know, all of us look the same to some people.

One thought on “An anecdote for you, he says

  1. Have to say, if that's a picture of Juan above, he looks pretty Ashkenazi to me. Not that it matters, just by-the-by.

    That's reprehensible though; I can't believe people still use that word. Thank G-d my family and community never said it while I was growing up.


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