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Whoa, really?!

Here’s a nice little piece on Rabbi Capers Funnye over at the Jewschool blog that found its way into my inbox via Google Alerts.

From “Rabbi Funnye’s Message of Inclusivity” (Jewschool):

“So what was the point of these stories? Throughout the talk, Funnye repeated his message of the need for inclusion, acceptance, and a better understanding of how a diverse Jewish population can learn from each other. He gave examples of how African-American Jews can help build bridges between synagogues and churches and mosques. He spoke to the importance of welcoming all Jewish souls and hearts to Judaism, and the reasons why we need to have more welcoming, while still halakhic, conversion processes.

And he spoke to the Jewish establishment needing to see and serve the full range of colours that Jews come in. (As an example of the shortcomings of Jewish institutions, Funnye talked about his small rabbinical school in Queens, NY that serves the African-American Jewish community. It was started when an African-American Jew, who had two degrees from Yeshiva University, was denied entry to their rabbinical school because of his skin colour).”

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One thought on “Whoa, really?!

  1. Seriously? YU turned him down because of his skin color??

    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this, given what I hear about their fellow daveners from NYC frummies, but gah!


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