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Post Redux: Aliza’s Guide to Interracial Dating

As a Latina and now a Jew, I write for both audiences. But a case of writer’s block has gotten me nowhere on an article I was supposed to be writing about interracial dating for a Latino audience weeks ago. I just don’t know where to start.

This is coming from the girl whose mother had a white boy fetish. Whose father had a black girl fetish. Whose parents came together with their fetishes and made her. I mean, well, me.

But since my mother was a virulent racist (even going as far as to throw out my dark-skinned Cabbage dolls because they were brown—as she was–and screening my friends by color), I know my willingness to date people lighter and darker than my own skin tone comes from my Dad.

The last time I visited him, I noticed something about his girlfriends (yes, plural):

Girlfriend #1 was white.
Girlfriend #2 was black.
Girlfriend #3 was yellow.

My Dad apparently takes being an equal opportunity lover very seriously.

Read on and comment over at Frum Satire: Aliza’s Guide to Interracial Dating.

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