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Asian Stereotypes Exist….

Hey, while the most common Asian stereotype we hear about Asians is “Asians are smart!,” there are broader and more worrisome Asian stereotypes.

My best friends in college were mostly Asian. Troubling to me was the fact that when two or more of then joined me in a class, the teachers seemed unable to tell them apart despite the fact that none of them look alike apart from having shiny, straight black hair (one was short, one was tall, one was curvy, the other was thin, one had short hair, the other had long hair, one had freckles, the other did not). But then, I usually look nothing like someone’s Hispanic maid and that hasn’t stopped anyone from calling me the maid’s name. Hmm.

8 thoughts on “Asian Stereotypes Exist….

  1. So weird you should post this today. I had to explain to a kid at my afterschool program today that two of the boys playing a board game with us weren't brothers. He kept insisting that they HAD to be. They both are Chinese but TOTALLY don't look alike. Even though they were all between the ages of 8-10 it was a pretty awkward moment. I had to bring him over to the side and explain that that was racist. Oh well, better I explain to him now when he's young so he doesn't screw up later on. Margaret Cho has the funniest joke about this


  2. Interesting post. I don't think I was as aware of how deep these stereotypes are because, the first Chinese person I ever met spoke with a thick Southern accent and didn't even know Chinese! I've always thought most Asian men were exceptionally good-looking, so I can't understand how they became de-sexualized. But yeah, they're not all math & chess geniuses! And once you get to know someone who is Chinese, Japanese or Korean, you can see definite physical differences between the Asian nationalities.


  3. Oh, I've heard very interesting stereotypes about the sexual parts of black men and Asian men so I can understand the de-sexualization. Also, I have been told by many Asian women that they are “only interested in dating white men.” Now, does anyone really believe that this is because ALL white men are better looking than ALL Asian men or does it highlight some of the race issues in the OKCupid dating website study.


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