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A Response to "Latino in America"

Did you watch “Latino in America” on CNN? I didn’t. I don’t have cable. And according to a post on “Bilingual in the Boonies,” it’s a good thing I didn’t.

Do check out Mike Robles ranting (and reaming out Soledad O’Brien and “white people”) in “Average and Boring Latina in America”. How many times can a person use pendeja (moron) in a sentence?

Also check out: “Commentary: Latinos are assimilating in the USA”. Well, duh. That’s why my Spanish is so bad and I’m addicted to hamburgers, isn’t it? I have to eat plantain chips while reading “People in Español” to assuage my Latina guilt.

Of course, while I’m wallowing in my guilt, I have to trip over American Jews who keep reminding me that speaking Spanish isn’t so important, in fact, it’s almost un-American. (After all, Americans can’t speak two languages like Europeans speak five. I mean, we’re just not that clever.) Don’t worry, they feel the same way about Yiddish (and probably, Hebrew) so they’re not trying to be totally racist. Viva la assimilation, no?

3 thoughts on “A Response to "Latino in America"

  1. Aliza, thanks for the link and totally on the hamburgers! Living in Tennessee also has hurt my Spanish. By the time I am una vieja in Nashville no one will be able to understand my English or my Spanish.
    And total duh on Latinos assimilating. That has been happening for generations and generations here.
    Carrie from Bilingual in the Boonies…


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