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Cancel that vacation in Honduras

Two news pieces, “Anti-Jewish statements raise concern on Honduras” (Google News) and “Iran-Style Anti-Semitism Spreading in Latin America: First Venezuela, now Honduras” (Tablet Magazine) express a growing alarm over conspiracy theories claiming Jews and Israel aided the ouster of the Honduran president. Still wondering if there are actually any Jews in Honduras….

On more chipper Hispanic/Jewish news, check out Emuna Braverman’s Aish.com piece: “A Mexican Sukkot Menu”

One thought on “Cancel that vacation in Honduras

  1. Rabanit-

    There is a Conservative Bait Knesset in Honduras' second largest city San Pedro del Sul. Until now the community hasn't experienced any real problems. We hope, for his Bar Mitzvah, to take Daniel back to Central America & I'd like to visit Honduras as well as Guatemala.


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