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Another Conversion News Roundup!

“The JFS mess was avoidable” (The Jewish Chronicle of London)

Geoffrey Alderman explains why the Chief Rabbi of London could have prevented all the recent misery at JFS and looks at the (rather ridiculous) “Certificate of Religious Practice” now required from all parents who wish their children to be considered for admission to JFS in September 2010.

“There must be a middle ground” (The Jerusalem Post)

Eliezer Whartman argues that Reconstructionism is the middle ground between an intolerant secular Judaism and an intolerant Orthodox Judaism, neither of which he finds tolerable himself.

I thought this piece was a touch whiny. Sorry, I couldn’t relate to born Jew worrying about more observant Jews not accepting him as “an authentic, legitimate Jew”? Does he have his Jewish papers in order? Yes? Well, then he’s a Jew according to everyone no matter how he practices, no matter what some nasty other more observant Jews say.

Now, try being a convert with or without Jewish ancestry and see how far that takes you. Some people will never accept you…no matter how many conversions you have. But all this aside, his piece is relevant in the way that it puts a spotlight (albeit, a harsh one) on an increasingly divided Jewish community.

“Majority of seculars: Intermarriage okay as long as child is happy” (Ynet News)

Um, okay?

“Shouldn’t Religion in Israel Attempt to ‘Wear’ All the Colors of the Rainbow?” (Jewish Exponent)

Rabbi Andrew Sacks wonders why we can’t all just get along! Well, haredi violence, he seems to argue, certainly isn’t helping things. Sacks offers his prayer for the Jewish people in this new year. Please G-d, please G-d.

“Converts’ marriage still unrecognized”

“A pair of Nigerian-born converts to Judaism who were married two years ago in a ceremony conducted by a rabbi recognized by the Chief Rabbinate remain unable to register themselves as a couple with the Interior Ministry, even though the husband has been an Israeli citizen since 2005, The Jerusalem Post has learned.” Oy vey.

“On Wings Of Eagles: Israel Today”

A love letter to Israel as a homeland from Jewish people everywhere, this piece only lightly touches on the ever pressing conversion issues of taking in non-Ashkenazi Jews.

“Legionnaires and gefilte fish”

Where do Ashkenazi Jews come from? Crazy theories include…conversion.

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