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Aliens Amongst Us

Me: My brother-in-law’s looking for a job. It’s really tough out there.

White Jewish Friend: Oh, yeah. I might know some people who might be able to help.

Me: That’s great!!!

White Jewish Friend: (Long Pause) Does he have papers?

Me: (Clueless) What? What kind of papers?

White Jewish Friend: You know, is he legal?

Me: Legal?

White Jewish Friend: I mean, he’s not undocumented…

Me: (Silence)

Me: (Silence)


Me: (Finally!) He’s white. And Native American. (So he’s about as legal as it gets. Incidentally so is everyone in my family–Dominican or otherwise–in America. No illegal aliens here. All American-born or American citizens.)

White Jewish Friend: Oh.

Some good news: My brother-in-law found a job out here in New York. After becoming temporarily homeless, my sister and brother-in-law found an apartment share with a local Orthodox Jew as I chronicled in “The Orphan.” My sister is going back to school. Money is tight. Their living arrangement is temporary. If you would keep my brother-in-law and my two sisters (one recently lost her job and might be moving in with us) in your prayers, I would be endlessly grateful.

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