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Jewish Diversity, where it’s at… (Part 2)

In “What’s Jewish Food?,” I wasn’t really complaining so much about bagels and lox as I was about “Ashkenazi-centrism” (seriously didn’t make this word up). Food was just the lens through which I chose to discuss a particularly aspect of Jewish diversity.

Someone even told me to stop complaining and start writing a new Jewish cookbook. This particular someone doesn’t know how often I cook and that this suggestion made my family laugh uproariously. Besides, someone’s already covered that territory. Check out: “The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York” and “Jewish Cooking in America”.

“New Recipes for Jewish Diversity Education” goes into greater detail on this topic. There is even a great section on “Teaching Jewish Diversity” which notes that “a key aspect of diversity education is exploding the idea of the ‘normal’ and replacing it with the realization – often a relieving one, especially to young people – that there is no ‘normal,’ but rather a wide range of distinctive experiences.”
Forget young people. You don’t want to know how much I’ve paying in therapy pills just to discuss the idea that there is no ‘normal.’

2 thoughts on “Jewish Diversity, where it’s at… (Part 2)

  1. thks for posting the new recipes for jewish diversity education. that's a new one for me — its certainly a decent start! and certainly worth sharing. . . .
    i'm almost ready to write a book on new fusion jewish recipes . . how we take the old and new recipes from our various jewish experiences and traditions . . and reconstruct them to be relevant to our modern lives!


  2. I think here in Israel the divirsity in food is more easily seen. There is so much diversity in Middle Eastern cousine here that a person can get a more clear picture in how diverse our “normal” cooking can be.


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