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Who’s your Jewish hero?

My Jewish hero is my rabbi. I don’t think he sleeps. When he’s not at synagogue, he’s at home slipping invitations for Shabbat meals under the doors of Jewish neighbors. He has brought so many people to Judaism. Luckily, his synagogue is not hurting for cash flow so he doesn’t need me to nominate him for the Jewish Community Heroes campaign.

What is the Jewish Community Heroes campaign? Well, it’s an amazing opportunity to honor the people doing inspired work in our communities, and they’re taking nominations. The winners will have a chance of receiving up to $25,000 to fund their work. And you can vote for as many of the nominees as you like.

Do you know someone making a difference? Nominate your Jewish Community Hero or learn more here:

I truly wish the website was easier to navigate so I would feel a little less like this was a bit of a popularity contest. I wish there were “tags” I could click on that would lead me to people who were working on things I wish I were a part of. Right now, you can search by name, city or state only.

So, who am I voting for? I’m voting for Yitzchak Jordan (also known as Y-Love), an Afro-Puerto Rican convert who through his music is creating “a bridge uniting Jews of all races and affiliations. His music helps us experience unity through song which is color and class blind. One people. One love. Ylove.”

I’m also voting for a friend, Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, the new Rebbetzin of the Harvard Hillel. Having spoken at several Hillels, I know they could always use more money. Also, I think college is a place where people become more religious or less and I’m praying for the former, not the latter to occur.

And if I can get my aching fingers and my fibromyalgia-suffering body to work, I’ll surely be voting for many more heroes. Hopefully, you will, too.

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