What are you?

A new documentary by Carolyn Battle Cochrane tells it like it is with a kick-ass title, “I’m Biracial, Not Black Dammit!”

WANTED! Participants in video shoot of part two of “Biracial…Not Black Damn It.” If you are in New York on Sept 7th and are biracial/multiracial or mixed and want to participate in a segment for the documentary, please contact Carolyn Battle Cochrane on Facebook, or email her at conversations17 AT

3 thoughts on “What are you?

  1. I'm happy someone made a Doco about this. I (Dad Jewish & Mum Black)always have said “I'm Brown”…lol…because I am. My Black friends are like “If you have one drop of Black blood in your your Black” & I say “Uhhhh slavery is over and that “law” was made as an insult to anyone who was of mixed race so they could not benifit from the “White life” (inheritance, not being a slave etc)…I'm happy to be Brown….1/2 Jewich & 1/2 Black…… ; )


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