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Hair Memory

That’s me at the bottom with my two or three feet of hair.

In high school, a guy came up to me in the lunch room to ask me out. And then right in the middle of doing so, he stopped and stared at my hair.

“Your hair kinda reminds me of pubes,” he said.
There was a pause.
“Did you just call my hair…pubic hair?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said sheepishly.
Needless to say, we never went out.

One thought on “Hair Memory

  1. In my freshman year of high school, a boy tried to flatter me by telling me how “huge” my posterior was. Years later, when we were reunited after our college graduations, the same gentleman tried to compliment my high cheekbones by telling me it looked as if someone had “punched [me] in the face”. I always figured that was as low as it could get, but I think your guy wins that contest by a landslide. A dubious victory, for sure.


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